Sometimes, Kids are the best teachers of Life - Bak Nguyen

Sometimes, Kids are the best teachers of Life - Bak Nguyen

I was trying to teach my 5 years old son the lesson of abundance.

At the Disney Store, he hesitated between two plane models. He was taking forever to choose. My wife as getting impatient and I was getting hungry. I had to do something. As I looked around, there was a total of 5 models available. So I ask him if he wants them all! By the look of his eyes, I knew that I had his attention. But there were two conditions. 1- to carry them all 2- he will have to learn 5 words, one for every model. 

No need to say that he agreed on the spot. As we were driving back home, he wonders when he could open his new toys. And within the time of our trip to the hotel, he learned 5 basic concepts:


Of course, he had no idea of the meaning of them, but he was very happy with his new toys. My boy was happy, my wife was impressed and I was pretty proud of myself. 

The next morning, I was eager to show to his grand parents what he just learned. So, in front of his grand parents, I asked him about those 5 new words he just learned. He said BE HAPPY. BE HAPPY, BE HAPPY... and slowly the other ones followed. It took me a minute to realize what he just did: I tried to teach him 5 concepts to be great in life and he gave me the most important one, BE HAPPY. I was so proud!

I needed a place to brag about my son's wisdom but the only thing available was FACEBOOK. I wanted more. At one point, I thought of WIKIPEDIA but no, that not the place. So it hits me. My son just inspired the birth of eHappyPedia. The “e” is for emotive, the tech company I was launching at that time. 

A few months later, EMOTIVE WORLD was announcing the launch of eHappyPedia on its FACEBOOK page. Within less than 4 weeks, the post received more than 37 000 post likes. At that stage, I knew that the urge to share moments of happiness wasn’t unique. And so eHappyPedia came to life.