Newly married men, one way postpone the inevitable...

Ten years ago I got married after 7 years of dating the same woman. Yes, she was and still is the love of me life. But a wedding can really test the bonds of your relationship. As soon as she was moving in, she was talking of babies... no need to tell you my sex life drop to the lowest level. I had to do something to spice up everything and to enjoy life before...

So the idea of having her dream a different dream stroke me. Here's how it goes: I got her to shop a beautiful designer condominium. First step accomplished: I was putting some distance between myself and the conventional little family house to raise a family.

As I kept her busy choosing the finition of the condominium, I change the layout of the condo as we were buying it on plans. I removed the second bedroom and made it part of the great living room. The idea didn't went well with her but design wise, it got us a big lounge hotel's style at the last floor of the complex and the tentation was just too great. She bought it!

Step two accomplished: we had no room for a kid and the love for the hotel's life style was good enough for a while. We had five great years in the hotel suite, as I like to call it. She gave birth to our son and we had to move out of the condo and buy a house.

Today, I absolutely love being a dad and didn't regret any minute of the time I shared with her in the hotel suite. That's how I managed to postpone my fatherhood by five years.

As their say in life, the best is yet to come... one step at a time.

Good luck to you!