How to stop smoking without gaining weight

How to stop smoking without gaining weight

Stop smoking within seven days without gaining any weight. Is that even possible? Here is my misfortune in Cuba turns into a successful therapy!

I left in a hurry once for Cuba in a all inclusive resort. I was so stressed and in a hurry that I left with only the pack of cigarettes I had started. In the plane I realized my mistake! No problem, I told myself, I'll buy some at the hotel.

Nothing! The embargo against Cuba prevents me to find any cigarette at all. I tried smoking cigares but it's not the same at all. So very frustrated and overstressed, I took the signs and realize that I should stop smoking, something I've failed several times in the past.

Just to top my unfortunate, the food at the hotel was just... tasteless to stay polite. You cannot over eat to satisfy anything. So I went through seven days of hell and by my return home, I was smoking free, about the same weight... I just needed another week of vacation to release the accumulate stress!

 Good luck!

True story that happened to a patient of mine. He didn't smoke back since. At least, that what he told me :)